These FLAGS of the WORLD wall poster maps show 196 colorful country flags plus the UN flag (197 total). Flags are arranged in alphabetical order in columns (reading from top/down and left to right) along with their names and map location. Each flag is digitized by our expert cartographers and are NOT web/online downloads. This way we have control of the flag design. We make sure all details on the flags are correct. Below each flag are: CAPITALS, AREA (in square miles), and POPULATION (based on UN estimates, projections or census records). Countries with an* are part of the EU (European Union). The map is made by all digital cartography and has all current countries colored for easy recognition.

Size: 36"x24" (rolled paper or laminated)
Made/Printed: In USA 2022

Flags of the World Wall Map Poster 36"x24"

PriceFrom $16.99