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Our Story

Cool Owl Maps® (Is a Division of Cool Owl Sales, Inc.)

Cool Owl Maps® publishing was created in 2010 to fill a void left by the disappearing of many cartographic publishing houses. We wanted to keep the "art" of cartography alive as long as we can. In today's fast paced digital world, we believe there still people that can appreciate the work and look of a good map. Either as a decorative piece on the wall or as a learning tool. Our cartographers have many years of experience, trained by working at some of the most well know mapping companies, such as Hammond, American Map, Hagstrom, General Drafting and others.


We have developed a line of products  to satisfy both the decorative, reference and education markets. We make our products pleasant, fun, and educational without sacrificing cartographic rules. Many competitive products are done "on-the-fly" copying work from others or without any knowledge of cartography or the subject matter.


We have the flexibility to customized most of our products because they were made by us. If you need a custom map give us a call or email us.


We continually making new products so visit our eCommerce or social sites to see what's new.

Our Core Values:
Our values as a company reflect our belief in a positive culture and our awareness of the planet's needs. In everything we do, our goal is to practice this — in our relationships with all customers, vendors, business partners, employees, and with our local community.

Our Commitment to Sustainability:
We are dedicated to reducing our environmental footprint in every way. We have taken steps towards becoming a 100% sustainable entity. We continuously seek out new opportunities to operate in harmony within our environment. We know that conservation of the environment must extend far beyond our office walls and that we must constantly evolve our efforts to have the kind of impact needed to make a difference for the sake of our planet.

Our Pledge:
We use recycled materials wherever possible. An example is the recycling of various materials for packing. We ask for help with this from friends and local stores to supply us with empty boxes, bubble wrap, fillers and cardboard stiffeners.

We recycle as much of the ingredients of commerce as possible. For example: bubble wrap, office paper, used equipment, etc.

We gladly donate anything we can’t use or sell. We give to schools, and nonprofits that can use these materials.

We have reduced our total waste by more than 80 percent – thanks to our ongoing efforts to improve our recycling.

We have implemented a power-saving plan, which has helped the computers and lights in our office use less energy.

The paper used in the office comes from sustainable managed forests, certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

We continually search for products made from 100% recycled paper stock and the best inks, dyes or pigments.

We encourage our vendors whenever possible to adopt positive, Eco-friendly practices that will improve their operation and help the planet.

We partner with all of our vendors to make sure they operate with integrity when it comes to the environment and all other aspects of business.


Member of IMIA

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